The Rescuer - Nativity Advent Set

The Rescuer - Nativity Advent Set

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One of only 20 sets, this 25 day Advent Story Nativity Set was carefully created, hand-painted and packaged with a whole lot of love by Esther (while the girls were sleeping or with grandma).

Each day in December your family opens a piece to add to the Nativity. Watch the greatest story of all time unfold as you read about the Rescuer who carries us out of the darkness and into the light. The wooden set contains everything you need including the stable, 25 nativity pieces, a Bible, an instruction sheet and a book which includes the scripture reading reference and a short synopsis of the piece for that day.  

Make every day in December a special day that points towards the true and most special meaning of Christmas – Jesus

Wooden characters are various sizes (tallest piece is 3 1/2 inches)